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Are you interested in partnering with us to reach inmates with the gospel? Whether through a satellite church campus, streaming your content on our app in prisons, or hosting a family reunification or worship event- we want to hear from you!

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Join The Revival In Prison

Letters of Hope

Safely and securely write a letter to an imate today to give them a word of encouragement and let them know you are praying for them!

A small feee of $3.50 will be collected to cover materials and postage.

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We are a nationally-recognized prison ministry when it comes to the Department of Corrections, and we serve as a trusted bridge between the DOC and ministries that want to make a difference in their community. We can partner together to reach inmates with the gospel in numerous ways!

PandoApp is a revolutionary new app available behind bars that makes it possible for inmates to engage with their faith and improve their mental health in a whole new way. Our FREE app delivers some of the best faith-based content like sermons, devotionals, podcasts, worship music, and even Christian tv shows like The Chosen series directly into the hands of inmates across the country.

Our church partners provide us with their weekend content and volunteers; we do the rest! We give churches the tools, resources, and training to impact these inmates in a huge way without having to become experts on the prison/DOC side themselves.

Using the latest audio and video equipment, we create a high-energy, relevant, high-definition theater experience inside each prison. It begins a new multi-site campus for the church and moves inmates and their families to the next steps on a strategic journey of life change. We’ll help you introduce inmates to Jesus through your weekend experiences, work with them to overcome addictions, prepare them with the necessary skills for a successful life, provide them with resources and ongoing support upon their release, and connect them to your church.

Would your ministry like to co-host a family reunification or worship event inside of prison?

Some of our ministry partners

God Behind Bars and Faith Promise Church came into the prison system at a perfect time. It is the first prison ministry to break down the barriers of unspoken lines found within the prison lifestyle.

Veric, Inmate

What an incredible experience we got to be a part of with God Behind Bars. There is no denying that something is happening in prisons across the U.S. It would be like God to bring revival to our country from inside a prison.

Levi Lusko, Fresh Life Church

We love how God Behind Bars is making an impact by bringing hope and restoration in prisons through access to the gospel.

Elevation Church

Thank you, God Behind Bars, for your partnership in seeing lives transformed!

Scott Thomas, Free Life Chapel
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We partner with churches, ministries, and individuals like you nationwide to provide life-changing content to prison inmates and their families. See the impact your giving and involvement make by checking out the locations of prison campuses and the presence of the Pando app on inmate tablets.

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