The God Behind Bars family just sponsored 6,000 kids!

You sponsored 6,000 kids of incarcerated parents with the supplies they needed!

More than 6,000 children are taken care of for their back to school learning supplies, plus additional gifts of Bibles and meals because of our ministry supporters' generosity! We felt so moved to help these children whose parents are incarcerated in the Philippines, in massively overcrowded cells, sometimes for very minor and non-violent offenses like debt. They aren’t able to provide for their own kids to learn and get the education they need to help them out of poverty, and the God Behind Bars family truly stepped up to fill the gap.

Would you please keep these precious children and their parents in your prayers as you drop your own kids off at school each morning this year? We can’t thank you enough for helping us achieve this massive previsionary goal in the name of our God.

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Your gift makes a difference.

On Earth as it is in Heaven

There has never been a greater urgency to reach men and women behind bars. The cycle of generational incarceration is massive, but together we get to do something about it. Whether you choose to give once or monthly, know that your donation is not only helping here on earth, but is changing eternities forever.

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