Can you believe this number??

In addition to all the amazing physical locations that God Behind Bars has inside prisons across the country, we also have an app called Pando, full of church messages, devotionals, podcasts, and worship music, which allows us to bring the Gospel into even the hardest-to-reach places.This week, PandoApp will have achieved some pretty cool milestones that we wanted to share as a praise report with you!

-We are at over 1.1 million “inside” accounts (the app is free to download and use “outside” from the App Store and Google Play as well)

-There have been almost 260,000 (!!!) clicks of the “Accept Jesus” button

-We are now in 34 states at 458 prison facilities

-AND… in the next few weeks, we will roll over 100 MILLION video views! (Sermons, worship songs, etc.)

These are such amazing numbers representing thousands and thousands of changed lives, all made possible because of your support of our ministry.

Keep praying and keep looking UP!

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