We just had a FIRST in a South Carolina prison!

This past month, we hosted an amazing reunification event in South Carolina for the first time ever! God Behind Bars was able to play a part reuniting 18 incarcerated women with their children.

Most of them hadn't seen their kids in more than four years, because this was the first family event we were able to have inside of a South Carolina prison since COVID-19 shut everything down.

Just for that fact alone, this was an incredible time of reunification, but we even got a couple awe-inspiring moments when one mom hadn't seen her child since he was four, and she got to see him now, 12 years later! They were separated when she went to prison, and now he's 15! You’ve got to see the amazing photos. 

Join us in praying for these families, that God would heal broken relationships, and that all the women in the South Carolina prison would begin to seek him and strengthen their faith.

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