Family reunifications in prison— our FAVORITE THING!

We want this to happen as much as possible in 2024

Last month in a women’s facility, we were so honored to be able to host a family reunification event where 18 incarcerated mothers got to hug their children again. For one mom, it was only her second time ever getting to hold her baby, who was one year old. Some moms gave stuffed animals to their kids, and lots gave handwritten notes, but absolutely every single one cried tears of joy as they got to embrace their families. This was such a beautiful, moving event where mothers got to share their faith and the love of Jesus with their children, some for the first time ever. We’re so grateful for your support that makes reunifications like these possible!

This Thanksgiving season, would you consider making a tax-free donation to God Behind Bars that will help even more incarcerated people like these women experience the love of Jesus? Thank you!

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There has never been a greater urgency to reach men and women behind bars. The cycle of generational incarceration is massive, but together we get to do something about it. Whether you choose to give once or monthly, know that your donation is not only helping here on earth, but is changing eternities forever.

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